Nobody Throws A Cunt Party Like Papa

Outdoor Party Sex orgy gs booty bnts brunette cm gndWinter’s been fucking my hummer so I dug out a few images from one of my parties last summer. The lucky fucker in the middle of this mess is Russ – that stupid bastard got more snatch that night then I did – but not by much. The party started good but got better when Anistaija started licking Candice’s cunt in the hot tub – it didn’t take long for the rest of the teens to jump in and pretty soon, it was a full blown coed sex orgy. Josie’s the slut in the picture with the kitty tattooed on her back – she’s pretty involved in devouring Anistaij’s coed beaver and as memories serves me, Anistaija bragged about how good she licks snatch for weeks after the party. Russ was fingering Candice’s snatch as Candice and Brooke checked out each other’s huge natural tits. Aerynn, Glass Mannequin’s very own “bootie Slut”, is busy finger-fucking Josie. PapaGMP, that’s what the little tramps all call me, is doing his best to keep the camera dry.

We always tell the neighbors when we throw a party to keep harmony in the neighborhood. Luckily, only one of my neighbors can see into the yard – after hearing I was throwing another party, he planned a “poker game” on the same night and invited all of his friends over. Right in the middle of our little outdoor orgy, I look up to see five old men watching our sexual adventures from the comfort of my neighbors back porch. Each one of them with a beer in one hand, and a pair of binoculars in the other. The little sluts that I associate with couldn’t give a flying fuck who watches them having sex so they kept right on fucking – making a truly memorable sex show for my neighbor and his buddies.

Lucky for me, I have plenty of cameras lying around the place and enough on my teenage friends know how to use them, so we got some pretty good smut pictures and some even better amateur smut scenes of the orgy. After things cooled down in the hot tub, we all moved inside where two teens were fucking on the kitchen counter. I had to break up a argument between Candice and Anistaija over which couple got the only remaining bedroom – people were fucking all over my place and I was about to join in! But first, I had to shoot the hot three-way action going on in the upstairs bedroom. Candice had won the argument and here, Brooke, Candice and Ricky were fucking like sex-crazed maniacs when I walked in. I handed my film camera to Pete and grabbed the Nikon. Filming a fuck fest is always a fun thing to do.

After it quited down a bit, I grabbed the two remaining 18 year old teens and took them off to my room.

Attending a party at my place is always a lot of fun – stop by to see just how crazy a bunch of coed teens can get at an old perverts place.

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