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Coed On Coed Shoots

I think I’m turning into a fucking cunt-muncher! I’ve always known I liked girls (hell, what kind of heterosexual man doesn’t?) but all I desire to do lately is sit around and look at cunt-muncher smut. Hot teen cunts getting eaten out by teenage sluts, painted fingernails sliding into shaved teen snatches, brunettes tongue fucking […]

Poor Bastard Couldn’t Semen

Now what kind of guy signs up to be in a smut clip and then can’t finish? Well this dumb fucker thought it was cool to have a few shots before the set (pun intended) and then he couldn’t finish. Now I don’t know about you, but if you throw a letter-perfect teenager cunt in […]

Inkslut Carpet-muncher Fucks Her Girlfriend

Josie is a froward little lesbo tramp that’s always looking for fresh new coochie to seduce on camera. When she brought her cute Latina friend Jayda to the pad I knew I was going to get some real froward photograph and video clip. When the babes told me they were ready, I came in the […]

Josie Joe, The Babe That All The Coeds Wanted To Fuck

I guess I have a thing for teenagers with their girlfriend’s undies in their mouth. Josie has more sex-appeal than any I’ve ever known. We used to go to the clubs together and this froward little harlot would always find some unsuspecting teenage tramp to take place with us. I lost track of how many […]

Petite Teen Twat

Fuck me! These two teenage carpet-munchers are fucking hot! First let me say that I’m a “muffin” lover and I love shaved muffin. There is little in life sexier that watching a cute teen hussy munching the wet little muffin of her girlfriend. Real teen lesbo sex – not that fake shit the over sized […]

New Premium Site From Gmp – Real Colorado Coeds

Glass Mannequin Productions (GMP) is proud to announce it’s newest addition to it’s premium membership sites. Real Colorado Girls features real mischievous amateur teenagers form fucking and sucking the way only teenagers can. Stop by and see the exploits of the these nasty Colorado teens – no fake tits or no overly touched up photos […]

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